GSA Environmental Ltd

Engineering Consultancy and Metals Recovery / Extraction

Our History

Research and development is carried out

at our state of the art laboratory at Lincoln University

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We operate across following sectors:

Oil & gas processing and refining, petrochemicals and renewables.

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We are an engineering consultancy with strong front end engineering design, project management, and process safety consultancy capabilities. We have multi-disciplined and extensive expertise across the range of industry sectors including oil & gas processing and refining, petrochemicals and renewables.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Quality, Independence.

We are unique because alongside these capabilities we have our own technology for the recovery of metals from refinery residues, spent catalyst and power station ashes. With this technology we have operated as a processor, trader, and engineering consultant for approximately 20 years.

Our consultancy is enhanced by the ability to undertake research and development at our laboratory in Lincoln. Staffed with industrially experienced, PhD qualified scientists our R&D facilities include bench scale equipment, a kilo-lab and state of the art in-house analytical capability.

Engineering and Design

GSAe’s experience in all aspects of process plant development and project risk analysis ensures that its engineering and design work is completed to the highest quality. This attention to detail combined with value engineering and constructability reviews vastly improves the security of project budgets or completion dates.


GSAe is the UK’s leading technology company for extraction and recovery of metals from ashes, minerals, refinery residues, spent catalyst and industrial by-products. Combining a unique research and development capability with an unmatched pedigree in engineering design, construction and operation, we are the company to help solve your metals related environmental problems.

Mission Statement

Be the first choice provider of technological solutions to environmental problems posed by toxic metals in waste products. Extend our wider technical abilities across industry to benefit our clients and the environment. We will provide this using our individual and collaborative approach.

Our Services

Metals Recovery

GSAe technology employs a sequence of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes to extract metals such as vanadium and nickel from a variety of feedstocks.

Engineering Consultancy

GSAe has a strong team which includes chemical, mechanical and E&I engineers with experience across numerous sectors. Our team are capable of managing projects of various sizes and complexity.

Research and Development

GSAe operates a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory staffed with industrially experienced, PhD qualified scientists based at The University of Lincoln.


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The GSAe head office is in North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom although we operate in all areas of the globe.

7, Market Place, Brigg, N. Lincs, DN20 8ES
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1652 600 250
Fax: +44 (0) 1652 600 279



The GSAe head office is in North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom although we operate in all areas of the globe.

Our clients, awards and partners

Engineering consultancy, Metals extraction, Engineering design, Hydrometallurgy, Catalyst recycling, Recovery of nickel from spent catalyst, Engineering feasibility study, Fly ash treatment, Vanadium pentoxide recovery, Metals recovery from crude oil,