GSAe technology employs a sequence of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes to extract metals such as vanadium and nickel from a variety of feedstocks. The core of the technology is acidic and alkaline leaching of feedstocks, followed by selective metal precipitation, filtration of the precipitates and roasting stages as required. The technology can be run in either batch or continuous configurations. Over many years we have optimised this technology, adapting the chemistry for different qualities of feed-stock to isolate and extract a variety of metals as high purity saleable products and leaving non-hazardous wastes.

GSAe Technology Feedstocks

  • Power Station Fly Ash
  • Gasifier Residue
  • Flexicoke
  • Slurry Hydrocracking and Hydrogenation process residues
  • Spent Sulphuric Acid Production Catalyst
  • Spent Refinery Processes Catalyst
  • Spent Fine Chemical and Specialty Chemical Catalyst
  • Ores and ore concentrates

GSAe Technology Advantages

  • Industrially proven process; GSAe designed, built and operated a metals recovery plant in Harwich, UK.
  • Relatively inexpensive in terms of CAPEX and OPEX in comparison to other disposal solutions.
  • Capable of producing high quality metal products that are saleable on the international market. Vanadium pentoxide at 99%+ purity can be sold to the vanadium Redox Battery industry for a premium.
  • Hazardous wastes are converted to non-hazardous wastes for cheap disposal.
  • Robust and scalable chemistry providing simple operability
  • Process can tolerate significant feed composition changes without impacting recoveries of product purities
  • Process operates at low temperature and low pressure
  • Core process does not use exotic chemicals
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